Carlton Lewis

For almost a decade the Fouta Records label has produced and released conscious and uplifting music that has stood the test of time. Fouta Records evolved from the early production efforts of young producer Carlton Lewis and his Duke Star label in Jamaica, West Indies, delivering hits such as “Oh My Black Princess” and “Oh Dreadlocks”. A protege of Ennus McCould, Carlton Lewis is an accomplished artist himself, having a hit single “What a situation”.

After moving to the USA, Carlton Lewis began collaboration with Martin Felix and Fouta Records was born.

The following year, Fouta Records released “Rejoicement Song” and “Am in paradise” by the roots reggae group Mystique with lead singer Christopher Brown. During this time these executives traveled to Tokyo, the Caribbean, London and Stockholm, promoting and marketing Fouta’s artists.

Fouta’s latest ventures are production and releases from two Swedish-based artist Kristin Olsson (“Should I”) and Sanna’s (“Never Gonna Be Another”). Very active in their home countries, these young ladies are Fouta Recording artistes and have rapidly growing appeal in their home country, Sweden.

Fouta Records A&R and management competence and strength lie in the experience of having built a small label from its inception and concurrently working in some of the world’s largest Record labels.

Fouta Records mission is to continue to deliver good music to the marketplace by being at the forefront of technology while keeping the interest of the artist at the core of our operations.