Fouta Music Works Catalog

Artist: Barrel

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Artist: Bunny Lie Lie

Title: Take It Easy Girl, Label: Buke Star

Artist: Carlton Lewis

Title: Behold, Label: Fouta
Title: Girl Your Love, Label: Fouta
Title: Sharon, Label: Fouta
Title: What a Situation, Label: Buke Star

Artist: C S Dodd JR

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Artist: Delroy Webster

Title: Marcus Prophecy, Label: Buke Star
Title: Oh Jah Jah, Label: Buke Star

Artist: Enos McLeod

Title: Sweet Sexy, Label: Buke Star
Title: Woman At The House, Label: Buke Star

Artist: Honey & Spice

Title: True Love, Label: Buke Star

Artist: Jah Yut

Title: True Love, Label: Fouta

Artist: Junior Muffin & XCALIBA

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Artist: Kristin Olsson

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Artist: Leroy Stewart

Title: Black Princess, Label: Buke Star
Title: Oh Dread Locks, Label: Buke Star
Title: Step Forward, Label: Buke Star

Artist: Nepaul Rider

Title: Cash, Label: Fouta

Artist: Mystique

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Artist: Prince

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Artist: Sheriff Hit List

[yendifplayer type=audio playlist=14]

Artist: Susanna Sanna

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